Thursday, March 14, 2013

Series Part 8 - New to Florida? More...

Maintaining Your Florida Home – Sun, wind, salt-air, mold, algae, pool heaters, air conditioning….there are more variables when owning a home in Florida. Budget a bit extra to take care of these items. 

Storage Space – It’s hard to come by. Basements….Wrong state! The soil isn’t right for them. Attics? Um, try crawl spaces. Many new residents need to rent a storage unit, but they are relatively inexpensive. We suggest a nice tag sale before you move!

Swimming Pools – Florida swimming pools stay open year round. If you have never owned one, hire a pool company for a month or two and learn the ropes from them. Many stores offer classes to get you started maintaining your pool. No matter how new your pool is it will need maintenance. Pumps, heaters, cleaning, etc are all concerns with a pool, so be prepared!

Home Owners Associations – Many Florida communities are run by Home Owners Associations. There may be strict rules and regulations that dictate where you can park cars, what color your home may be, what type of landscaping and more. Before buying a home in a gated, planned or other community with a Home Owners Association, try to talk to neighbors to get a feel for the governing board. These empowered people can make your life miserable if you let them.

Schools – Florida schools have a reputation for being sub par. Unfortunately, it is mostly justified, as the state is consistently ranked as one of the 5 worst in America. There are several reasons for this: There simply aren’t as many school-aged children in the state, Retirees aren’t likely to vote for positive changes in education (and thus politicians don’t push it), and Florida state taxes are lower. This being said, there are great schools throughout the state. Look for “A” rated schools in a district before buying a home or real estate in Florida. 

Health Care – Florida’s healthcare is among the nation’s best. Try to schedule well visits in the summer when many older snowbirds have flown north for the winter. 

Employment in Florida – Florida's economy is largely based on tourism, construction, entertainment, and healthcare. The state very much has a service based economy. Many people are self-employed in the construction or business sectors. There are not a huge amount of companies headquartered in Florida, but Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville boast many “business” opportunities.

Enjoy the Weather – Many people love Florida primarily for its weather and related outdoor activities. Relax on the lanai, ride the jetski, cruise in your convertible, bike, fish, canoe, or whatever it is that floats YOUR boat. Wear your sunscreen, be safe, and have fun! Many of Florida’s benefits are outdoors and lifestyle related. Make the most of them, and you will be thrilled that you chose to relocate to Florida.

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