Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Readying Your Home to Sell

When selling your home, think “out of the box”. Try to imagine what others will see and focus on when they walk into your home. To help with this, become a home shopper. Go look at model homes, or visit a neighbor. What strikes you first when you enter this home? What do you notice as a positive or a negative aspect?

Helpful Hints on what potential buyers may notice:

1. How does the exterior of the home present itself? Is the lawn mowed and edged, are flower beds weeded, or better yet: ARE there flower beds? Is the home clean, freshly painted, and are the windows sparkling clean? Is the driveway free from stains?

2. First impressions are exactly that – FIRST (only once can this happen) IMPRESSIONS (these can last a LONG time). They speak volumes! Does a pet odor meet you when you open the door? Is there evidence of a caged dog or cat living in the home? Is it obvious there is a full litter box in need of emptying?  What about a musty smell?  Check the bathrooms and kitchen under the sinks; carpets, ceilings and walls throughout the home for water marks.

3. Vivid colors on walls are great when you have decorated the home to express YOUR personality. Others may see them as more work to do to make the home express THEIR style. Tone the colors down. Let the buyer see the structure and design of the walls and floor plan of your home, not JUST the walls!

4. Does your home look like you take care of it? Signs that would say, ‘not so much’ are: Holes in walls and old wallpaper. Patch walls, take down the dated wallpaper and bring your home into 2010! Let’s talk about clutter! Arrange your furniture to compliment the room. Too much furniture in one room takes away from showing the size and versatility of the room. Put away magazines (they don’t have to know your interests here either), take down family pictures from side tables, coffee tables, dressers, etc. Let the potential buyer envision THEIR family pictures in these places. Put a plant or flower arrangement in place of the pictures!

5. Sports fan? Like the Tampa Bay Bucs? Have all their memorabilia displayed? Great you are passionate about them. However, your potential buyer may be REALLY turned off to that! Don’t let a simple sport affiliation be the reason to loose a buyer. Take down your beloved team memorabilia – you can do this… it won’t be as painful as you may think…

6. Kitchen clean up. Dirty dishes in the sink do not portray a “lived in look” as one may think. It shows neglect to keeping a clean home and paying attention to detail. Countertops should be cleared off, to show ALL the work space you DO have in your lovely kitchen!  Clean your stove and oven - greasy grime just makes the potential buyer wonder what dirt they CAN'T see.

Yes, it does take work to make your home presentable to sell!  More importantly, if you want the most price out of your home, it is well worth creating an environment where one will not easily find reasons to offer you less on buying your home!

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