Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things Never to Keep in your Wallet

Every credit card you own

You never want to be without access to some kind of money if your wallet is stolen. You should carry only one credit card with you for emergency purposes and leave the rest at home. Write down the contact information and card number for each card you do carry, and file it in a safe place so you can easily report the card missing if your wallet is taken. If the thief has access to all of your credit and bank cards, you are basically a sitting duck and will have a mountain of hassles in front of you to get things back to normal. 

Special Security card and birth certificate

You may have needed this information for some specific purpose and just never took the card and certificate back out of your wallet, purse or briefcase, even though you see the documents every time you are looking for something else. Remove such personal information immediately, and file it in a safe at home. Someone with access to this information can essentially do anything you can do in your name, such as open a credit card.

While store receipts may not have all the data one would need to use your credit and debit cards or personal identity, they could provide just enough details for an experienced crook to figure out the rest. If you keep receipts for other reasons, clean them out of your wallet and your vehicle on a regular basis. Dispose of them by shredding them into pieces before they hit the garbage can.

Spare house keys
If someone has access to your wallet, there is a strong likelihood your personal identification will lead a thief right to your home. A spare house key is an invitation to steal more. A thief can assume you are still at the mall searching for your lost wallet and may be inclined to go see what good stuff can be removed from your house. Not only will you have safety concerns; you'll also have to act fast to change locks and increase security at your home while at the same time trying to resolve your other lost wallet problems.

Your PINs
Every card provider tells you to select a personal identification number that is easy to remember. Still, some people find they have to write down the information and keep it in their wallet next to their bank cards for easy access. This may be helpful to you when you need to use the ATM, but you can say goodbye to your bank account if you give the same details to the crook who stole your wallet. Store your PINs as phone numbers in your locked mobile phone, or work hard at memorizing the PIN for the card you use most.

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