Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Intriguing Trivia

It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona.

The elephant is the only animal to have four knees.

No word in the English language rhymes with month, silver, or orange.

The word rhythms is the longest word in the English language without any vowels.

Mark Twain, Samuel Clements pseudonym is an acronym. Twain stood for "Tools Without An Interesting Name."

The longest word in the English language is pnuemonoultramicroscopicsiliovolcanoconosis. It's a lung disease caused by the inhalation of volcanic ash.

Smokey the Bear has his own zip code 20252.

The word "tip," meaning gratuity, is an acronym for "To Insure Promptness"

Mafia in old Arabic means "sanctuary."

Shakespeare's daughter was illiterate.

In "Fantasia" the sorcerer's name was Yensid, Disney spelled backwards.

Karoke means "empty orchestra" in Japenese.

About 10% of the world's population is left handed.

Some famous dyslexics; Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Cruise, Hans Christian Anderson, and Albert Einstein.

The white part of an egg besides being called the white is called the albumen.

Sigmund Frued had a morbid fear of ferns.

The slit made by a saw or knife is called a kerf.

In the province of Quebec, Canada, it is illegal to display advertisements in English.

Elizabeth I of England suffered from anthophobia, the fear of roses.

No one knows where Mozart is buried.

In Washington D.C., no building can be built taller than the Capitol.

Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned. The violin had not yet been invented.

Celery has negative calories, it takes more to eat than it has to begin with.

In Medieval England, beer was often served with breakfast.

The Swedes drink more coffee than any other people in the world.

Thomas Jefferson invented the dumbwaiter.

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  1. And yes, fat people take longer to tan!

  2. Nice "fun facts". The other 90% of the world is "trying" to be left handed. Left handers are also known as Portsiders,Southpaws,sidewheelers, and hook arms.